The Main Lodge


Thank you for choosing The Lodges on Seeley Lake as the site for your planned event. We will do everyting we can to make your stay truly memorable and promise that from the first day to last you will have our undivided attention.


We are prepared to help you celebrate every kind of occasion - birthdays, reunions, honeymoons, or simply relaxing getaways with family and friends. With ample room for 68 guests, the lakeside living we offer includes nineteen comfortable units, on-site dining for catered events, the group accommodation of a recently-completed Main Lodge and the daily use of such playful amenities as boats, canoes and kayaks.

An ideal setting for a beautiful Montana wedding, the resort's natural environment mirrors this event's romance. The lushness of its lakeside views, so irreseistible to photographers, infuses such celebrations with the physical beauty associated with the happiness of this day.

The Lodges' quiet calm fosters a business atmosphere conductive to both productivity and creativity. Tailored to your specifications and equipped with the latest innovation in Wi-Fi readiness, the features we provide will enable your meeting's participants to interact with satisfyimg efficiency.


For those we have not been lucky enough to meet, the following is a brief description of what we at The Lodges will be able to offer you, your family and your friends. When you are with us you will feel as though the entire resort is exclusively yours. Your privacy will be complete, as will the uninterrupted view afforded by over 200 feet of pristine lakefront.

In addition to the watercraft available to you during the summer, we can also arrange for your use of snowmobiles and cross-country skis during the winter. Power boats (as well as your own) for water-skiing will be available during spring, summer and fall.

Our nineteen private cabins include fully operative kitchens, baths (with shower and tubs), fireplaces, Wi-Fi capacity and televisions. Our recently completed Main Lodge offers ample space for the gathering of large groups and features a commercial kitchen, a dining area with an enormous free-standing wood fireplace, a whispering rock wall waterfall, massive log beams and a dramatic sweep of windows that command our lake and mountain views. Should you wish to host a large gathering of your own, our event planner and caterer will be happy to help you plan and conduct it, offering their advice on how to create a menu that both reflects your taste and harmonizes with the season. They have already become widely known and admired for their creative expertise in the choosing and presentation of food.

Please contact us with any questions you might have about booking your next event. We look forward to being a part of it!  1(800)900-9016


Rooms in the Main Lodge

Unit #1 (Lake View) $225.00 (Sleeps 2)

Unit #2 (Lake View) $225.00 (Sleeps 2)

Unit #3 (Forest View) $185.00 (Sleeps 2)

Unit #4 (Forest View) $185.00 (Sleeps 2)